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i still dont understand what truscum and terfs are

truscum: believers in the idea that being transgendered is a medical condition.

terfs: stands for “trans exclusionary radical feminists” and means exactly what you’d think it means.

Oh urgh when you say a medical condition do you mean like as something that needs to be cured or?

"Need" is up to each individual I think. There are a lot of people with mental disorders that decide that treatment is not for them. A lot of trans folks decide that treatment is not for them; that’s totally fine. HRT isn’t for everyone, and neither is surgery; it is a big big commitment. 

but the science shows the majority of trans folks are not able to dissolve the cognitive dissonance between their brain and body until they match. some of us (the awesome ones, honestly) can do that without HRT & surgery. some of can’t. :\

"you need to be cured" isn’t really the right way to say that, I think.

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Anonymous: huh? less true for trans men? so you agree with the original post?

Genuinely not sure what you’re replying to.

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noitemsfoxonlyfinaldestination: look like you're delusional and i get that but you have no real argument (and also lost any chance of being taken seriously at RESPECT MY FAE PRONOUNS)



Sorry, no. I do have a Borderline Personality, but I’ve never had a psychotic episode (yet), and I don’t have any disorder in the Schizophrenia spectrum. I’m not delusional, and I don’t know what it’s like.

Oh, sorry, you meant it as an insult? Well, let me just clutch my pearls and faint.

do, in fact, have a “real” argument. What you meant to say is that I have no argument that you care to listen to, because it threatens the cissexist idealism that your own arguments are rooted in and you’re much too fragile to allow your internalized bigotry to be exposed.

The thing is, when anti-truscum say that being trans  (~~transgenderism~~) is not a “medical condition” (because it isn’t), truscum claim transphobia solely because they see it as a threat to their future. “If it isn’t a medical condition, how will I be able to transition?!” But this reaction is self-centred and willfully ignorant.

If being trans not being seen as a medical condition prevented transition in any way, how are many anti-truscum already transitioning? If truscum ideology were true in any way, we would all be on your side because our own transitions would be threatened, too. The very fact that we do fight against you on this subject for the reasons we do should be all the evidence you need to reconsider your position.

The fact that you don’t reconsider your position tells me (and all anti-truscum) that you as a group are more invested in furthering the oppression of people who disagree with you than you are in any genuine self-interest. The fact that so many individuals within your collective spend their time harassing, verbally assaulting, and threatening anti-truscum speaks to you caring more about hurting us than helping yourself. And when we fight back and defend ourselves, you take to gaslighting tactics, shouting “transphobia,” claiming victimhood and villainizing us for doing nothing more than speaking out against a group of people who are trying to oppress us.

These behaviours are characteristic of a hate group. Truscum is a hate group. The end.

Because anti-truscum absolutely never, ever, ever are violent rude or hateful towards truscum.

I believe being trans is a medical condition because I believe in science, not because I’m afraid of you taking my right to transition away. That would be ridiculous.

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"I hate men especially black men"
“Let’s run over neuroatypical men with a truck"

How y’all sound when you make these posts about trans men (via pecancat)
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I’m curious, now.

People insist that transmisandry exists, but I’ve never seen them provide examples of it when they do so.

So, for those of you that think transmisandry is real, please share with me what problems are so unique to trans men that they are different than transphobia?

  • people who believe that trans men are “gender traitors”
  • people who believe that trans men can’t be discriminated against because they’re men
  • people who believe that trans men should be excluded from trans spaces because they’re men
  • people who believe that all trans men are rapists because all men are rapists
  • people who out trans men in an attempt to “guide them back to the light of being a woman”

essentially it’s any time someone takes their rage & (understandable) frustration with the patriarchy and place all of that blame specifically on trans men as if we are, by existing, destroying feminism. 

the reason this is different from transphobia is because the people who say these things are typically perfectly fine with trans women; they are attacking trans men specifically because we are men.

i’ll give you that this group of people primarily exists on tumblr, and no where else

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tumblr has such a gross double standard for transmen like what the hell

  • if a transman doesn’t shove masculine stereotypes down your throat then they’re a ‘transtrender’ and are just vying for attention, thus not really trans (bullshit)
  • however if a transmen embraces masculinity and happens to…
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cis ppl cant be oppressed for being cis 

straight ppl cant be oppressed for being straight

white ppl cant be oppressed for being white

men cant be oppressed for being men

able ppl cant be oppressed for being able


p.s. you don’t need dysphoria o be trans and “straight/cis/white pride” is gross bullshit

all of these things CAN happen, actually, and saying they CAN’T is not helping us.

attempting to explain the difference between SUPERFICIAL discrimination and SYSTEMATIC discrimination is what we should be doing, not denying the existence of it entirely.

for example,

SUPERFICIAL discrimination: “die cis scum”

SYSTEMATIC discrimination:The murder rate of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and HIV-affected (LGBTQH) is at its highest ever.

SUPERFICIAL discrimination: “all men are rapists and should die”

SYSTEMATIC discrimination: One in five women in England and Wales has been the victim of a sexual offence or attempted offence. 

SUPERFICIAL discrimination: “fuck white people they should all die”

SYSTEMATIC discrimination: African Americans are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of whites.

Denying that superficial discrimination exists allows these idiots to pretend like systematic discrimination doesn’t exist; it makes us seem intellectually dishonest and essentially causes us to LOSE the argument.

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If being afraid of men makes me a “misandrist” then so be it but men are terrifying thanks

hating men simply because they are men is misandry.

fearing men because it is statistically factual is not misandry. 

thinking all men should die because they are male is misandry.

wanting to change how men are raised & taught is not misandry.

believing all boys are born evil and will grow up to be rapists is misandry.

believing that the patriarchy is what causes men to grow up to be rapists is feminist, and not misandry. men aren’t evil, the patriarchy is. why is this so hard to understand?

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"Trans women are more important to protect than trans men because they go through more discrimination!"

How about this revolutionary idea:

We protect all trans people no matter how much discrimination their gender faces. It’s not a competition; ALL DISCRIMINATION IS BAD, and therefore, PROTECT

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another reason why you shouldn’t say transmisogyny/misandry


If you say “transmisogyny” instead of “transphobic” when the word transphobic can be used instead of transmisogyny you are excluding trans men in your statement. the same applies vice-versa for trans women with transmisandry.