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If being trans was just a choice, then there would be no reason anyone would be be trans in the first place.

Why would you choose to be something that’s stressful and dangerous? Why would you choose to let bigoted “cis scum” hate you? Why would you choose to have “less privilege”?

My gender and my severe dysphoria was not a choice.

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~+~*if you exploit the insecurities of trans men for the sake of your misguided “activism” you’re a piece of shit*~+~

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a lot of tucutes basically say that they’re not making it harder for those with dysphoria to get hormones or to be taken seriously


my psychiatrist literally doesn’t trust me when i say im 100% sure i need T because she met two different “trans” who used nounself pronouns in the last month 

so fuck you and fuck your pronouns


Based on a true story.

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Anonymous: hey poppy, dont'cha just love it when people use the phrase 'i have friends who are trans men' to hide their transphobia :') it's fantastic when it comes from a tucute as well :'D!


It’s kind of hilarious how they mock the “I’m not racist but” mentality but say “I’m not transphobic against trans men some of my best friends are trans men but they are pieces of shit and they don’t deserve any sympathy” with a gleeful lack of irony. 

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I think the worst thing abut anti-truscum is that they’re trying to strip us away of all of the arguments we have against cis people who tell us we do not exist.

We try to explain that you’re born with your gender, they say gender is a choice
We try to explain that dysphoria is a legitimate…

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hello truscum! fuck with me please harass me lets argue leave me anons calling me a special snowflake or a fake trans! tell me to kill myself or something im Bored

I hope baby animals lick your face repeatedly to the point you are…

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i hate truscum so much

I love u too bby

how cute

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a reminder that:

  • gender is not a way of thinking or spiritually connecting to anything
  • it is a status based upon one’s want/need for sex characteristics or lack thereof
  • this want, therefore, gender, is not freely chosen

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